The Dojo Is Currently Closed

The Boston Dojo has been closed due to the Covid Crisis. Classes are being held in Gloucester, MA on Sunday's from 9a-12pm and is a mix of taijutsu and weapons with deep focus on internal movement..

Martial Arts for Peace and Personal Development

“Aiki”, the secret of martial arts, was mastered in the 1950's by the late Ueshiba Morihei. O-Sensei, or “great teacher” as he was called, then developed this long hidden principle into a self-defense art for personal development and the creation of a more peaceful society. This he called “Aikido.” Grasping the secret of Aiki, movement becomes effortless and graceful, even while manifesting great power.

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The art of Aikido unifies offense and defense and teaches the art of remaining neutral and balanced between the two. Based on the battlefield martial arts of Japan, Aikido utilizes all methods of barehanded training as well as short staff and sword.

Aikido is a martial art without competition. The founder forbid formal competitive matches in order to develop awareness of all possible attacks and maintain the reality of actual combat. The harmonious and natural structure of Aikido allows full contact and full speed training with very little risk of injury. In this way it is an enjoyable practice for men, women, and children of all ages.