Weekly Schedule

Be sure to check the special events below, which may override regular class.

Day Time Teacher Class Duration
Monday 6:30pm Puskarich Aikido 90 min
Tuesday 4:15pm Carreiro Kids 1 hr
  6:30pm Gleason Aikido 90 min
Wednesday 6:30pm Hardcastle Aikido 2 hr
Thursday 4:15pm Carreiro Kids 1 hr
  6:30pm Gleason Aikido 90 min
Saturday 10:00am Fontaine Aikido Basics 90 min
Sunday 10:00am Gleason Sword & Aikido 2.5 hrs

Seminar Calendar

Nov 24   Aiki Internals 1–3pm
Dec 15   Basics Seminar
Dec 24-25   Classes cancelled for the holiday
Dec 31-Jan 1   Classes cancelled for the holiday
Jan 12   Aiki Internals 1–3pm
Jan 18-20   Winter Gasshuku w/ Todd Trzakos Sensei
Feb 9   Aiki Internals 1–3pm
Mar 9   Aiki Internals 1–3pm
Mar 15-17   Tallahassee, Norther FLorida (Mike Page)
Mar 29-31   Michigan Tech University
Apr 5-7   Aikido of Missoula (Raso)
Apr 13   Basics Seminar
Apr 26-28   Spring Gasshuku
May 7-11   Shobu Intensive @ Toledo
May 18   Aiki Internals 1–3pm
May 25-26   Aikido of the Berkshires
Jun 1-3   Balitimore
Jun 15   Aiki Internals 1–3pm
Jun 21-23   Cleveland
Jul 2-6   DC Summer Camp
Jul 20   Aiki Internals 1–3pm
Jul 26-28   Summer Gasshuku - Shobu All Stars
Aug 9-11   Shobu Aikido of Vermont
Aug 17   Basics Seminar
Aug 24   Aiki Internals 1–3pm
Sep 28   Aiki Internals 1–3pm
Oct 3-5   Shobu Aikido of Toledo
Oct 18-20   Fall Gasshuku with Jay Weik Sensei
Oct 25-27   Aikido Eastside
Nov 16   Aiki Internals 1–3pm

To register for any class or seminar at Shobu Aikido of Boston, please click here for our online reservation system. To enroll in an Aikido Intensive, contact Gleason Sensei directly.

All seminars and events are held at Shobu Aikido of Boston unless otherwise noted.