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Dear Friend of Shobu Aikido,

Thank you for considering supporting our foundation. Shobu Aikido provides traditional Mind, Body, Spirit training for self development. By training the body, mind and spirit simultaneously, members learn how to improve their lives, better handle difficult situations and ultimately serve others.

Aikido is a spiritual martial art. While classes involve developing the body, physical exercise and techniques, becoming strong is not the goal. Practice is a kind of "moving mediation" or training the mind and spirit. And while practice may complement spiritual notions, we are in no way a religious organization. Our organization is open to everyone who wishes to train earnestly and see a positive change in their own nature.

We are a non-profit organization. In this way, people are clear that their personal growth, not their money, is paramount to us. It is with this intention that Shobu Aikido has been traditionally run since its founding by William Gleason Sensei in 1980.

Over the last 30 years we have been able to reach individuals and families in the Greater Boston area that have seen their lives and the well being of their communities benefit as a result of their training. We are located in Union Square, Somerville, MA, a community with a vibrant demographic – and we are a true community within a community.

We need your help to continue our mission. Our goal is to raise the community's awareness of what Aikido has to offer and reach as many people as possible in our new and surrounding communities. We hope Aikido will inspire more people to practice and train so others can benefit from our rich heritage of teachings.

Please help us in supporting that growth through your tax-deductible donation.


Shobu Aikido

You may donate online here.