Aikido is great for beginners

Students initially learn the art of ukemi, basic footwork, how to attack using whole body strength (punches and grabs), and basic rolling and falling to ensure safety.

Aikido's Power comes from mind over matter

By understanding the principle of Aiki, three ounces of pressure can bring a man down effortlessly. Developing this kind of internal power (ki) comes from proper centering and breath control. For this reason, Aikido can be practiced by men and women of all ages.

Awareness and intention are the first focus for the beginner

Next comes proper understanding of natural movement (aiki). Learning forms and techniques are necessary for the practice, however the goal of Aikido is to work dynamically with a partner to discover the internal feeling that is Aiki. Therefore, practice is non-competitive and a cooperative feeling is cultivated during training.

Beginners can start at any time

Beginners are welcome at all regular classes. The Saturday morning class is especially beginner-friendly. No gi (training uniform) is required, and the class is tailored towards understanding the basics. (Calendar) Our new student program ensures one-on-one time with senior students to work on core skills.

In general, we recommend new students commit to at least 3 months

There are some aspects of Aikido training that can take some time to become accustomed to and many of the techniques can feel foreign at first. Once students' bodies become stronger and more flexible they can begin to see real progress in their training.